It started as a dream. A trip to Japan in June and introductions over several cups of sake convinced us it was possible. Getting signatures to an agreement was a challenge well worth the effort. Since then the year has practically flown by. We delivered a complete version of Wild Romance that has been released on PC and Android and we’re pleased with how sales are progressing. Our Twitter following has grown to over 100 members and visits to our website are also steadily increasing. We just launched a Discord for everyone to come and chat. What a year! We at Cherry Kiss want to say thank you for helping us get this far. We’ll continue doing our best in 2018!

We hinted at it before but now finally we can tell you what our next project will be…

We are launching a Kickstarter to fund the translation of Tsundere Idol: My personal M-Pet!


We want to get the Kickstarter up ASAP but we have to get final approval for any tiers we want to include. We want to include some cool digital goodies for anyone especially generous and those final details are still being ironed out. Look forward to more information next week!