We have some good news and some bad news for you today. Let’s start with the bad… As you may have noticed, all of a sudden we went quiet on the Tsundere Idol progress front. Unfortunately, we hit one of the “worst case scenarios” that we had identified for delivery of our Kickstarter project. We had a translator who had volunteered to translate the first scene of Tsundere Idol, that’s what was used for the demo that was posted with our Kickstarter. The plan was for him to complete the remaining translation but sadly he has abandoned the project. We apologize for not passing along this news earlier. We didn’t want to make such a devastating blow to the project public before we could find a solution, and find a solution we did!

This is where the good news comes in folks so don’t worry!

After the original translator confirmed his unwillingness last week to finish the project we reached out to the translator we had worked with on Wild Romance and, with help from our friends in Japan, we have arranged to have him complete the job. He’s someone we trust to deliver on time and with the top quality translation that you deserve. He’s taken this past week to ramp up and has now confirmed that he will be able to complete the full translation by the 30th of April! There will still be some editing and other tasks required after we get the final translation but we’ll be working as hard as we can to get Tsundere Idol in stores as soon as possible after that. We don’t want to set expectations we can’t meet but will announce an official launch date as soon as we’re 110% confident all is back on track.

Our Kickstarter rewards are nearly complete as well! The Concept Art Collection is being reviewed by Norn, the posters have started printing and should be in our office on Monday. The postcard design is being finalized and hopefully those will start getting mailed out from Rui’s HQ in Japan soon too.

Thanks everyone for your continued patience! More updates to come soon! In next week’s dev blog I’ll also shed some more light on our other title in production Master of the Harem Guild.