We’re back with some hot new Dev. Blog action this week people!

Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition is going back online on the Amazon AppStore again today! As mentioned earlier we agreed to a one month exclusive period for the “no patch required” version with another sales partner and that is now over.  During the time we were waiting I’ve managed to fix some of the bugs people were having before.  So it’s a *new and improved* mobile version coming with various fixes and tweaks as well as the Gallery feature that is now available on the PC release.  If you’ve got an Android phone or tablet please check it out!

I’ve seen several questions in the Steam forums about when trading cards are coming out and unfortunately that is out of our control… as I’ve said in some of the forum threads the game needs to reach some undisclosed “activity level” first.  So we think we either need to sell more units (hey, go buy Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition already if you haven’t #ad).  Or maybe the activity level could mean something very corporate like user engagement so if you do have Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition go leave a review, maybe once Steam can generate a review score that shows Valve that real people (not bots) are playing the game and commenting and reviewing it then that magic level will trigger.  Anyway, that’s all for my tin-foil hat theories.

We’ve also been trying to cut some promo videos together for what *might* be our next game.   Our team has grown and I have been banned from video editing from this day forth, luckily we have an awesome new guy on the case to bring you all some juicy teaser trailers.  More information on that coming soon!

Enjoy your holidays with your favorite fluffy girls this year. You’ll hear from us again next once we have your Christmas present ready!