Transported to a forest that separates the Demon and Human world you encounter Lise, an adorable demon in distress, who summoned you by accident when she was attacked by bandits. After a brief battle with the bandits Lise, who is too pure for this world or ours, heals their wounds so they don't bleed out before someone finds them. Even though she is a Demon she doesn't want to see people suffer but is forced to flee after some human soldiers come to investigate the strange noises your little scuffle caused. The soldiers that found you enlist you to join the Human forces that defend the border between the warring worlds, even though you're now fighting demons you never forgot that fateful encounter with Lise in the woods. Finally, you have arrived at the Demon Lord's castle ready to have the ultimate battle to end the war between Demons and Humans and as you enter the final boss room the shadowy form of what can only be the Demon Lord looks exactly Lise! Can you find a way to bring back the pure and kind Riche and save the world?



  • 从原装日本VN本地化。
  • 老婆带有日文语音。
  • 高清16:9和4:3图质。
  • 多小时的内容。
  • 带有音乐和音效。
  • 带有角色动态。
  • 带有收藏展览。
  • 14个与老婆的新夫妻成人剧情。
「Re:从H开始的异世界生活」是一个英文本地化的VN,由著名日本制作室 Norn 所创作。 我们在樱桃吻吻试图将日本游戏带到全世界。
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  • Platforms

    Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android

  • 语言

    英语, 西班牙语, 法语, 繁体中文, 简体中文

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