2023 Year of the BREED! – I mean BUNNY~! (up to 50% OFF!)

That’s right Lunar New Year is here and we are celebrating with a bundle that will have you blissfully breeding like a bunny!

Bundles of humping heroins and cute kemonomimis from the Cherry Kiss catalog will have you pumping into the new year with a double dose of dopamine! Celebrate the year of the rabbit the right way, a ravenous breeding rampage through waifu and best girls alike!

So ring in the new year in the best way possible pop off, and enjoy the comforts only a good waifu can bring you~


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Come for the Kinky Cosplay, Stay for the Gyarus (20% OFF LAUNCH)

Oppai, Cosplay and Gyarus… the HENTAI holy trinity just dropped in your lap you lucky son of a…

These Gyarus have gone wild for cosplay and you find yourself at the gooey center of their new favorite horny hobby. Glazing Gyarus like the best of ‘em in this full feature of fetish, freakiness and heavy cream…

The gals in this title are fully voiced and ready to play, so don’t miss your chance at getting the true Gyaru experience today at the discounted launch price of 20% OFF~


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Up To 70% OFF This Steam Winter Sale!

Steam Winter Sale is going to keep you warm through the seeding season…

Make a fire the old fashioned way and get rubbing with these fan favorites. We jammed a whole lot of crowd pleasers into this sale for you guys. The Steam Winter Sale is live and you’ve been waiting for it for some time, take full advantage. 😈



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Bring Home a Harem for the HOLIDAYS~ (Up to 70% OFF)

Shoot off that god given confetti in celebration of another great year in VN history!

We’ve put a lot on sale for y’all, you can be picky and choosy which is fine… OR you can grab a phat slab of ass with one of our very generous bundles. The proportions be generous in these humble packets so take in a big slab of fuck meat and ring in the new year the way one should.

Nukige fans rejoice, this sale was made for you! There is no reason you can’t be living your best hedonistic lives in 2023~


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Lonely Hentai Honeys In Your Neighborhood Are LIVE RN!~

You’re new to the neighborhood, and there is nothing better than finding out you’re the new dom of a dummy thick dorm!?!

4 flawless neighbors can’t resist taking you for a joy ride. Embark on a personal quest to really get to know the neighbors. Squash the “will they, won’t they” tension and get down to the dirty deeds one fantasizes dorm life is all about.

-Knock Knock-

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me Saori, from next door, didn’t mean to bother you but can I borrow a cup of CUM?~ 😈”


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Up to 44% OFF this TIGHT Good Girl Bundle

Norn titles are filled with girls looking to get filled up for the very first time.

Now’s your chance to experience that DEEP emotional connection penetration combo is all about. Cute kemonomimis & runaway demon brides, this bundle is filled with the good girls of your fantasies full bodied hotties looking to please their new found prince.

Your path to enlightenment and true damnation awaits. Your balls will thank you!!~


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Up to 55% OFF on titles + Additional 15% OFF Black Friday Bundles!

I don’t think we need to tell you that it’s Black Friday BUT you can double up on the Oppai during the season of the sale when you get a bundle.

3 Tiers to the bundles this year:

Relatively Horny: -5% OFF

Really HORNY: -10% OFF


I’ll give you a minute, gauge yourself, and give ‘er boys!


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Never Stop Nuttin’ with Bundles UP TO 55% OFF!

We have collected a hot set of titles for NONSTOP NUT NOVEMBER!

This November take advantage of the heavily discounted bundles that will suck you dry until Dick Draining December comes around.

With various sizes there is a bundle for everyone. From fun sized fapper packs to the mega milker massive pack which has a whopping 18 titles at 55% OFF~

Find your size and spread those thighs!


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What?? You want revenge on your highschool bully in the most salacious way possible? Of course we are talking about~ Fucking their HOT MILF MOM!

For the first time ever keep your eyes on the prize (steamy fucking action), with English voice acting you’ll be able to enjoy this seductive MILF-E hot babe whispering in your ear every dirty act she wants you to perform!

Hypnotize and demoralize this sexy MILF in all the filthy ways your twisted perv brain can think up, and who knows maybe she’ll learn to love it~

Hypnotize her to fertilize her!~


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