Another productive week in 2018 for Cherry Kiss, the first half consisted of listening to the H-scene sound effects from Wild Romance play on loop at 25% speed. A truly traumatizing experience. BUT! It led to the fixing of the Android bug that has been plaguing the Amazon mobile release and I’m happy to say I got the sound problem fixed without having to lose the sound effects that are currently in the game! I’m hoping this means that the Android version is now bug-free.

The only problem is how difficult the game seems to be to find on Amazon’s Appstore. When we re-launched the Android version last month we were initially flagged as “Adult Content”. We thought we got that resolved and Amazon tells us the game is “live” and some of you have found it which is great! For some reason though it doesn’t seem to be showing up in Amazon searches and some people have had difficulty purchasing. We’re working on it! In any case we hope to have another .APK store online in the near future so Android users will have more than one place to buy.

In the meantime our next project is moving forward quickly. We’ve are waiting for final approval on one last backer tier for the Tsundere Idol Kickstarter! It should be live by the time I write my next Dev. Blog and details will be posted on our website and on Twitter @cherrykissagames as soon it launches. Thank you in advance for your support!